If we were books, I'd be Southern Renaissance and you'd be Southern Gothic. - The Lawyer

Hello Friends!

What is this all about? Simple. Two best friends with very different opinions on almost anything are reading 100 of the best novels to date. It seems fitting.

'Why,' you might ask, 'have you decided to take on this project?' For so many reasons! I jumped at the chance when my great friend, the Lawyer, proposed the idea one afternoon this summer. Having always loved English classes, and feeling guilty for always saying I'm going to read more classics and inevitably picking up that pretty cover at the bookshop instead, I felt it was long overdue. And what better way to do it than with a friend - and a blog - to keep you accountable?

So, welcome to our foray into reading some of the greatest novels ever written. The top 100 list comes from Lev Grossman and Richard Lacayo - critics for TIME magazine. Books were picked beginning in the publishing date of 1923 to coincide with the first published issue of the magazine. You can find the complete list here. The list is alphabetical, but we're going chronological to study the evolution of literature over time - keeping those historical markers for context.

Now, how long this might take is a different story. But we'll keep you updated about the book we're reading, how we like it, and if we happen to find a movie version how that post-reading viewing party goes! Feel free to read along and offer up your own opinions, or just amuse yourself with our ramblings and witty criticisms. If ever you're reading along and have a lot to say, let us know, we'd be open for guest posts!


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